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Through the Valley of the Shadow of Porn

Burn My Shadow opens in the back of a bukakke line, amid unanimous souls stripped down and wading through the scum of other men’s spilt fantasies. This is where “Tyler Knight” was born. Jobless and homeless, he spent his nights lost in mass transit, on buses and trains circling Los Angeles. Hitting the end of the line,…

The Wolf of Porn Valley

Pornos are bawdy fairytales for the modern world. These lewd folktales use real sex to portray fantasies. As such, porn inhabits a peculiar space between truth and fiction. This twilight realm provides the setting for the second novel by Christopher Zeischegg (AKA retired porn performer Danny Wylde): The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space….

Playing words in ‘Songs for the Deaf’

Writing is about re-creating, from describing past events in a new way to reinventing timeless tales. With his first collection of short stories, Songs for the Deaf, John Henry Fleming adds sardonic realism to fantastical tales. The straight-faced humorist delivers a biblical account of a teenage messiah winning a pickup game of basketball, a travelogue…