AVN: Unscripting Hustler’s ‘Girl Toy’

…From my vantage point, I’m forced to construct their sex scene from the sound of their kissing and moaning. In some ways porn sex is quiet. The performers try to communicate their inner pleasure while the white noise of life—TVs and stereos and phones—is muted. I’m left with the image of one of Val’s feet, dangling off the bed, rocking in time with her accelerated breathing. Her toes curl. My imagination builds an entire sex scene atop this disembodied detail.

My focus drifts from Val’s foot to five canvases hung, inches apart, on the wall beside the bed. This piece depicts the black and white image of a naked woman in repose, split into sequential units. The model’s beauty is divided into parts, frame by frame, leaving viewers to fill in the gaps.

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