Adventures in Virginity: Not with a Bang, but a Whimper

I marked the day I was scheduled to lose my virginity on the calendar—October 28, 2002. The square was annotated with a caricature of a mustachioed penis flexing his veiny biceps. I drew the doodle in June when I first used the date to defer Kim’s advances. I promised her that she could take my…

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Kross-Eyed: On the Set of ‘Kayden Kross’ Winner’s Circle’

…The scenes Manuel Ferrara and Kayden Kross regularly shoot in this tastefully stark studio are stripped down. There are no makeup artists, sound guys, or lighting crews. The main light source is the sun pouring through the linens draped over the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. In contrast to feature pornos or vignettes, in gonzo scenes…

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Adventures in Virginity: My Short Career as a Discount Stripper

My brother handed me the T-bag G-string he had picked out for me. I turned it over, wondering how this thin, animal-print spandex could possibly contain my modest holdings. Mike and I took turns primping in the bathroom: lathering, shaving, and applying unwarranted amounts of lotion and cologne. Then we stood assembled in our outfits,…

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Adventures in Virginity: Bedding my Brother’s Girlfriend

My morning boner imposed itself on my brother’s girlfriend, Lindsay. A gallon jug of Carlo Rossi wine sat toppled on the carpet amid piles of scattered clothes, and our bodies lay mashed together in the crevice at the center of my twin mattress. Actually, the mattress was technically my brother’s before I confiscated it from my…

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Beating Around the Bush: On Set with Abella Danger

…It’s easy to dismiss genres like trans, BBWs, or even pubic hair as weird or even unnatural. However, it’s precisely their divergence that defines them as normal. Humans are unique among other species not only in our ability to adapt to the unknown, but also in our desire to explore it. We thrive on diversity….

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Adventures in Virginity: In Praise of Promiscuity

My health counselor, Mr. Marvin, eyed me suspiciously, as if calculating the risk that I was wearing a suicide-bomber’s blouse under my jacket. Earlier that semester a group of impressionable, young virgins had crashed planes into The World Trade Center, believing their naiveté would be rewarded with seventy-two virgin brides in the afterlife. Given the charged…

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Adventures in Virginity: Old Men Without Women

This was not a student-teacher affair. First of all, I was a former student. And second of all, our friendship was not sexual. Walter and I simply enjoyed each other’s company. Sure on some level I wanted him to like me, to see something special in me, but mainly I just wanted Walter to think…

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This Side of Porn-adise: Behind the Scenes on ‘Dirty Daniels’

“I really want to do a scene where I’m getting fucked while eating a burrito,” Dani Daniels says as she settles into the makeup chair. “A burrito loaded with extra carbs. That’s my fantasy porn scene.” Skin Diamond and Riley Reid flesh out the logistics of such a scene, in particular, what kind of toppings they’d add:…

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The Kayden Kross Word Puzzle

There’s only so many ways you can field questions about your vagina before irritation sets in. By the time we met at the close of the AEE convention in Las Vegas, Kayden Kross and I had both been doing interviews about porn for days. This is not to say that her vagina was beyond my…

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Adventures in Virginity: Grand Marshal of the Penis Parade

When you step outside, naked, the silence hits you first. Such a grand gesture seems to demand the pomp of a marching band, or at least a bit of applause. Instead you are confronted by the stillness of life continuing on, unimpressed. That silence no longer surprised me. What shook me that night was the…