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The Wolf of Porn Valley

Pornos are bawdy fairytales for the modern world. These lewd folktales use real sex to portray fantasies. As such, porn inhabits a peculiar space between truth and fiction. This twilight realm provides the setting for the second novel by Christopher Zeischegg (AKA retired porn performer Danny Wylde): The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space….

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In the Shadow of Lust: On Set with Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust’s jewelry fell off, piece by piece. Her rings and earrings shook loose and skittered across the tile floor. Shards of lingerie hung free, ripped like wrapping paper. Her black panties and bra lay in a puddle on the floor and draped over the couch like dismembered shadows. Her eyeliner gathered in dark pools….

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The First Day of Summers

“I don’t know that I’m comfortable with this,” Jasmine Summers said, confused as to why she needed to remove her shirt during an interview for a position as babysitter. “Don’t be nervous my dear,” Tanya Tate said, sounding like a perverse Mary Poppins. “It’s just a job.” “Whatever you say Miss Tate.” Summers’ character was…

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Adventures in Virginity: Seven Minutes in Heaven with Anne Frank

I know the exact day I first masturbated to completion: April 9, 1998. To commemorate the occasion I marked it on my calendar by drawing a proud penis—or at least as proud a penis as could be confined in the small squares on the complementary calendar my church handed out each Christmas. The grinning figure…

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Adventures in Virginity: The Measuring Stick of Manhood

The question remained: how would we detain the throngs of naked women on our island? Dave and I contemplated solutions as we waited for chemistry class to begin the first day of sophomore year. Cages, chains, chemical persuasion—each created its own problems. It never occurred to us that a well-endowed offshore bank account and a…

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Sexual Psychopaths and the Cult of The Strange

[Read the original version of this story, complete with x-rated pictures and video, at] “To me, a glory hole is where it’s at,” Nina Hartley tells me as she lounges on the set of Dana Vespoli’s, My Evil Stepson 2. “Sport sex. That’s what interests me.” Of course she also thinks any man who would stick…


Polite Porn: Behind the Scenes on ‘Cute and Curvy 2′

[Read the uncensored version of this story, complete with explicit photos, at the x-rated] Barrett Blade sat on a toilet with the bathroom door wide open while he snapped photos of Brooklyn Chase for Dreamzone’s “Cute and Curvy 2.” Given the limited space of the set—a friend’s dining room—this was the only way Blade could get far…

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Pornographers in the Mist

[Read the original version of this interview at the x-rated,] Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals is like the Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey of pornography; this sociologist at large has spent a decade embedded in the adult industry in attempt to unravel the mysteries of this elusive, cultural colossus. Although porn is easier to access than ever, the…

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Adventures in Virginity: The Foolproof Wisdom of Underage Drinking

At fourteen I was a junky, addicted to a drug I had yet to experience. Awkward hugs were my methadone–the closest I could get to what I truly craved. Freshman year I charted my days in terms of hugs, mapping a route through the halls of Anderson High School that yield the greatest percentage of…

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Skin Diamond in the Rough

In the diamond trade, perfection is only an idea. The worth of a stone is measured by both its rarity and its inclusions. Tiny imperfections give a gem its identity and its unique shine. Likewise, an adult performer can be measured both by the rarity of her look, and by the collection of kinks that…