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Cali Carter, The Girl You Never Saw Coming

I almost missed Cali Carter. She sat quietly by herself in the corner of an LA Starbucks. My first thought was that she was yet another prime example of why I moved to southern California, to be surrounded by beautiful blonde refugees like this girl who probably came west to pursue acting or fitness modeling….

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On Set with Jacky St. James

Exploring the relationship between sex and power at work on the set of New Sensations’ “Banging the Boss” and “I Love My Hot Wife” “Would I wear this to a corporate job interview?” Karla Kush asks. The young starlet sits atop a desk taking selfies of her costume as though intending to update her online…


Jillian Janson, the Teenage Porn Dream

Her senior year Jillian Janson landed an after school job shooting porn. A year later Janson remains one of the few “teen” models in the adult industry who is actually a teenager. Despite growing up in a humble household in a conservative town near Minneapolis, Janson’s sense of sexuality developed at an accelerated pace. At…

My mother

Adventures in Virginity: The Girl on the Boys’ Team

The first time I saw Amanda Wood I thought she was a boy, which partially explains why I fell in love with her instantly. She was pitching for the opposing little league team. I was so mesmerized by her form that I forgot to swing and struck out. My comfort with tomboys came from my…

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Adventures in Virginity: Dildos in the Closet

I was expelled from vacation bible school for refusing to believe that priests masturbate. Priests use their ordained hands to bless naked babies and dispense Christ crackers from the communion party bowl. No way were they also using their holy grubbies to flog the bishop and shake hands with the devil. My articulation of this…


Answering the Burning Questions with Burning Angel Founder, Joanna Angel

If you get off on porn featuring wild hair, body piercings, and tattoos, then you’re a fan of Joanna Angel. She founded BurningAngel.com with the same ambition, raw charisma, rebellious spirit and inexperience with which many young musicians form punk bands. Beyond a porn site, Angel created a forum where her growing cult of followers…


Venus Rising

The pornosphere is one of the few public forums where the uniqueness of transsexuals is not only on display, but celebrated. Many adult sites regularly pepper transsexual content in with “straight” porn as heterosexual male viewers are the primary consumers of TS erotica. As more viewers become comfortable with transsexuals popping up in this fantasy…

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Finding My Place In Porn On The Set Of “Meet Kelly Shibari”

The existence of fluffers in porn has been greatly exaggerated. Fluffers really only work on sets for record-breaking gangbangs. Male performers primarily rely on their hands or little blue pills. This revelation was a bit of a setback in my plans to become the first fluffer for female porn stars. While I’m not equipped with…

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Down the Rabbit Hole with Body Artist, Sophia Fiore

I’m meeting a sex worker in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel. When she steps through the sliding glass doors, it’s immediately clear to everyone in the lobby that this woman makes a living off her body, which is only vaguely concealed in a tight dress and sunglasses. Technically we’re the same height, 5’10, but in heels…

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Building Sex Equity with Brooklyn Chase’s Six-Figure-Physique

If you Google “Brooklyn Chase” you won’t get directions to an ATM in New York. You’ll likely see provocative images of a busty 5’2″ brunette with a bankable body performing an ATM.It’s fitting that the 29-year-old chose a stage name that sounds like a financial institute. Early in 2012 the San Diego native’s bills were…