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The Devil in Judas: An Interview with Porno Starlet Judas

If I believed in demons of seduction, I imagine they’d look exactly like Judas. Crimson lipstick makes her thick lips radiate against her pale skin and black hair. At just over five feet and a hundred pounds, Judas appears deceptively frail and innocent. This image is reinforced by her preference for pleated skirts and thigh-high…

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On Set with the Mother Fucking MILF Next Door, Kendra Lust

“Would you mind making sure my stockings are even?” Kendra Lust asked with a smirk as she turned around and bent over in front of me. I took a knee to inspect the stockings sliding up her muscular legs to her powerhouse of an ass. Her leggings were even but I still made a few minor…

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Changing Lanes with Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise is the type of porn star every parent wishes her daughter was—an educated, levelheaded performer with enough foresight to see how porn fits into her life goals. When I called for this interview, I had several preconceived notions of who the real Carter Cruise was. These were shaped by the starlet’s unrestrained sex…

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Orgy Etiquette as Learned on the Set of Wicked’s ‘Holly… Would’

A number of questions flooded my mind when I RSVPed “yes” to a twelve-person orgy. Was I required to bring some sort of gift: a cake, a twelve pack of wine coolers, a leather-bound sex-slave? Would condoms and lube be provided? What about bathrobes and moist towelettes? Could I bring a plus one? Should I…

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How Porn Brought Out Katerina Kay’s True Colors

Katerina Kay stuck out like a neon flower blooming against the gray, concrete jungle and cratered construction sites of downtown LA. Standing on the corner, she glowed brighter than the crosswalk sign flashing above her, though what exactly her flamboyant style signaled was still uncertain. She wore tiny day-glow shorts, a brilliant tank top, green…

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Cali Carter, The Girl You Never Saw Coming

I almost missed Cali Carter. She sat quietly by herself in the corner of an LA Starbucks. My first thought was that she was yet another prime example of why I moved to southern California, to be surrounded by beautiful blonde refugees like this girl who probably came west to pursue acting or fitness modeling….

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On Set with Jacky St. James

Exploring the relationship between sex and power at work on the set of New Sensations’ “Banging the Boss” and “I Love My Hot Wife” “Would I wear this to a corporate job interview?” Karla Kush asks. The young starlet sits atop a desk taking selfies of her costume as though intending to update her online…


Jillian Janson, the Teenage Porn Dream

Her senior year Jillian Janson landed an after school job shooting porn. A year later Janson remains one of the few “teen” models in the adult industry who is actually a teenager. Despite growing up in a humble household in a conservative town near Minneapolis, Janson’s sense of sexuality developed at an accelerated pace. At…

My mother

Adventures in Virginity: The Girl on the Boys’ Team

The first time I saw Amanda Wood I thought she was a boy, which partially explains why I fell in love with her instantly. She was pitching for the opposing little league team. I was so mesmerized by her form that I forgot to swing and struck out. My comfort with tomboys came from my…

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Adventures in Virginity: Dildos in the Closet

I was expelled from vacation bible school for refusing to believe that priests masturbate. Priests use their ordained hands to bless naked babies and dispense Christ crackers from the communion party bowl. No way were they also using their holy grubbies to flog the bishop and shake hands with the devil. My articulation of this…